My older relatives who passed away were more accepting and understanding. You have an independent mind. They are very insular, very involved with each other, and very apt to causing problems amongst each other if the others don't fit into what they expect of them the instant they expect it. Everyone who knows them loves them, and they're all really tight but I've never felt like I belong with them. To them, different equals bad. They're also passive aggressive in … Instead, it defines me as different. Take me for example. I am in the same situation but instead of feelings of depression from this, I’ve accepted that I am always going to be the “black sheep”. I tend to be more outspoken than my peers, less religious, more bookish, more alternative… Do good things to other people. don't fit in with my family. Realizing you don't fit in with your family is difficult to handle emotionally. You don't fit in with the crowd, so you can't sit back and agree with a matter you don't believe in. For me, it translated into a low self-worth, no self-esteem, and reckless behavior. I neither fit in with them nor do they treat me like a part of the family. Be happy with yourself. I just don’t fit in. 2. This sounds exactly like my DH's family. You state your opinions loud and clear. My family and I work on different levels. I ask “what is the truth”. I used to handle it by doing my best to avoid groups where I didn’t fit in right away. I’m 18. Of course, my family history does partly define me, but mostly not in the way that those people think. I’m trying to be a “better” person, and although I may not have any clue what the means, or how to go about doing it, I’m trying. The thing is, they're really lovely people. But figuring that out as a teenager can be life-changing. One way to help yourself is to make some time for yourself, to relax and enjoy what you like and then make time for the rest of the world, including family. How to deal? Accept you do not fit and be good with it as the more you read, grow and learn the less you will fit. Don't try to force them to fit into who you want them to be. I'm more nerdy and introverted, less religious, and more open minded compared to my family. I … But as I’ve grown older and started a family and career, it’s become an important part of my values to show up for others, for my friends, family, career, and myself, even when it’s not comfortable for me. I feel like a complete outsider in my family. My family (as in parents and siblings) don't talk to me much or spend time with me or tell me about anything that's going on in their lives or in the family. I live with my father, mother and sister. Learning what makes you happy is more important than trying to fit someone else’s idea of a successful life. We don't always fit in with our families as much as we would like to. I yearned for acceptance, so I spent much of my time trying to be someone I wasn't. Anonymous: Anonymous wrote:I've always felt like the black sheep per se. Being mixed-race is only one of the factors that make me different. You do fit in with the family of God. First I’d like to say I understand. I have learned that its more important to work on being a good person. Grow in your wisdom and spirituality. Subject: I don't fit in with my family at all and I'm stressed out. Hi, I don't know if this is the right place to put this but I [20/f] have never felt like I really fit in with my family. I have convictions. Unfortunately, many of us spend time thinking about what we ‘should’ be doing, rather than allowing our hearts lead us in the direction we really want to go.
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