The Boney Fingers Audio Collection

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Dave & Dennis - Live on MSOE Radio 91.7 2005

Part 1 - Woke up Shakin

Part 2 - Sunny Afternoon

Part 3 - Lovely Sexy Darling

Part 4 - Interview

Part 5 - Take Me Back

Part 6 - Ghost Town live

Part 7 - Road is Your Home live


Boney Fingers -Live @ Summerfest 2008

All Over Now


Dead Flowers

Woke Up Shakin

Down in a Hole

Seven Days

Little Wing

Hard to Handle


Boney Fingers - Live @ Summerfest 2002


Brick/Shakedown Street


Rockin' in the Free World


Boney FIngers - Live @ Gathering of Heads 2002

They Love Each Other

Long Journey

Breath-Run Like Hell-Take Me Back-Breath(Reprise)

Aiko Aiko-Woman Are Smarter-Drums-The Other One


Boney Fingers -Raising Euphoria

Lovely Sexy Darling

Ghost Town

Woke up Shakin

The Road is your Home


Boney Fingers (self-titled CD)

Long Journey

Ain't Workin'

Weekend Party

Orbitson - Apogee

Crash and Burn

She's the One

Peace Child

Angel of the Valley

Why End

Say Goodbye

Perfect Image