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Thursday, Nov. 1, 2012

Boney Fingers Live

By David Luhrssen

  Boney Fingers look very much at home in their full-length concert DVD, Live @ The Miramar Theatre. The crowd is large and approving and the band members have an evident connection with their audience as they roll on low simmer through a set of songs that echo a run that had entered its third decade. Boney Fingers’ roots in the Grateful Dead are evident in their group spirit, their loose yet solid rhythms and harmonies and those solos that go on and on. It was a good night for rock under the changing colored lights of the Miramar’s stage. A slightly abbreviated version of the concert has also been released on CD.

Release party, Nov. 10, Miramar Theatre.


Boney Fingers bringing the show to Burlington, Wisconsin

Milwaukee jam band Boney Fingers, will be out in the country on September 29th, at Beachview Motel and Lounge, 30427 Durand Ave, Burlington WI 8:00 P.M- 12:00 A.M.

I was actually surprised to see Boney Fingers scheduled in my home town. I had a wonderful opportunity to review the new DVD release , Boney Fingers Live, 11-11-11, recorded at the beautiful Miramar Theatre on the same date as the above titled. I was most impressed to learn from my pre-review research, that Boney Fingers has been together for a challenging 22 years, and making it through the tragic loss of keyboardist, Bobby Brady(1963-2006).

Boney Fingers is a family of musicians who have rocking fun , on any stage they are entertaining on.

The Dvd, has a complete Grateful Dead live show feel, as if your stepping back in time a bit , to an easier softer way of life. Where all is peace and love.

The title track, Ghost Town , is a strong performance of five seasoned musicians , who love to play together.

One of my favorites was , Sister Moon, loving the melodies, and harmonies ringing clear in the acoustic treasure house, of The Miramar Theatre, in Milwaukee Wisconsin. The Entire DVD has 13 tracks and is a sure add to any notoriously versatile music collection.

- Milwaukee Rock Music Examiner


Long known for their ability to weave acoustic and electric into a root style that bridges the gap between jam rock and blues, Boney Fingers has won the hearts of many fans. While instrumental is the obvious flavor of the day, stellar vocals arrangements keep this band off the slippery slope of degeneration that many jam bands slide down. Top-notch percussion and all around musicianship abounds for a show that caters to a range of tastes. Slip on those dancing shoes and catch the groove - SHEPHERD EXPRESS 2006

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